Issue 4


La Rampa is re-launching with an odyssey through Black Portugal. We have collaborated with academics, activists, artists and writers in examining and re-interpreting the multi-layered complexities of contemporary Portugal, even if it exposed colonial wounds as it embraced powerful new voices.


La Rampa Portugal is a counter atlas reflecting the histories and narratives of the country’s African and Afro-descendant communities through modern social movements that are creating alternative models of knowing through their own archives and images.

La Rampa is a large format annual limited edition publication, bilingual (English, Portuguese), 220 pages.



Alexandra Lucas Coelho (Portugal), Ana Lucia Araújo (Brazil/USA), Ana Stela Cunha (Brazil/Portugal), Ângela Ferreira (Mozambique/Portugal), Beatriz Gomes Dias (Guinea-Bissau/Portugal), Benvinda Mendes (Cape Verde/Portugal), Carla Fernandes (Angola/Portugal), Chantal James (Guyana/Canada/Brazil), Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida (Angola/Portugal), Délio Jasse (Angola/Portugal) Francisco Vidal (Angola/Cape Verde/Portugal), Gisela Casimiro (Guinea-Bissau/Portugal), Grada Kilomba (Portugal), Inês Beleza Barreiros (Portugal), James Sweet (USA), Jean-Yves Loude (France), Joacine Katar Moreira (Guinea-Bissau/Portugal), José Saramago (Portugal), José Ramos Tinhorão (Brazil), Jota Mombaça (Brazil), Jill H. Casid (USA), Kalaf Epalanga (Angola/Portugal), Kiluanji Kia Henda (Angola/Portugal), Manuel dos Santos (Angola/Portugal), Margarida Paredes (Portugal/Angola), Maria Rosário Soares Silva (Cape Verde/Portugal), Marita Sturken (USA), Marta Lança (Portugal), Nicholas Mirzoeff (UK/USA), Nii Obodai (Ghana), Nocyan (Brazil/Portugal), Patrícia Lino (Portugal/USA), Patrícia Martins Marcos (Portugal/USA), Pedro Schacht Pereira (Portugal/USA), Michel-Rolph Trouillot (Haiti), Raphael Durão (Brazil/Portugal), Rui Gomes Coelho (Portugal/USA), Ruy Llera Blanes (Spain/Portugal), Yara Monteiro (Angola/Portugal), Yonamine Miguel (Angola/Portugal).

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