La Rampa is an anthology of

counter histories and new narratives.

issue 4



…La Rampa is something between a book and a magazine, a travel book and a tome of History—but also an art catalog to keep in one’s library. It is certainly an enlightening celebration of the stories and cultures of African and Afro-descendant communities in Portugal, moving us through the tunnels of a dark colonial history, reviving hidden histories and connecting the dots that constitute contemporary Portugal.


Johanne Affricot
Artistic Director, GRIOT Magazine.
…It’s Wonderful! The subject matter, the way it’s done, the beauty and the uniqueness of the photographs, the strength of the arguments. It is a powerful document for the struggle, using poetry and art to bring attention to an often overlooked part of humanity.


Jean-Yves Loude
Journalist, ethnologist, writer and author.
…We the readers are able to engage directly with the personal testimonies from people like us – ‘of substance, of flesh and bone, fiber and liquids and (who) might even be said to possess a mind’ – caught up in the chaos of modern times! I advise everyone to sit down, open La Rampa and slowly plunge into the warmth of its pages – to see real people, body and soul.


Ra Hendricks
JAZZMO’THOLOGY, Slipping into Darkness.
United Kingdom

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